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  • Top fister in Tampa looking for bottoms to invade and destroy. L...  more
  • Eh.  Their own fault, I suppose.  Just do not have the...  more
  • Plenty of authors come to mind:
    Tim Brough - many titles, quite...  more
  • http://www.amazon.com/SM-101-A-Realistic-Introduction/dp/0963976...  more

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  • Fri at 9:37 PM - led by FistingPig
    A group for men in FLorida who are into fisting. Open to all men especially hot bottoms who love getting opened and played in. Add your name to the list and join in the fun. I am always looking for new bottoms to explore.
  • October 27 - led by FlatironMike
    Group for men who are into the extreme sexual sport of PunchFFisting can share stories, pix and ideas.
  • October 15 - led by Red Gem
    A group for people interested in Fisting in Houston, Texas
  • October 13 - led by admin
    This group is for VIP members only. VIP members are members who donated (the minimum donation amount to be a VIP member is $30). To donate: http://gofundme.com/gfdonations After you donated add 'admin' to your friends by going to http://gayfisters.net/profile/admin and clicking 'add to my frie...
  • October 13 - led by pighole
    A group for People interested in Fisting and Extreme anal play in Sydney Australia

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  • Fri at 9:26 PM
    Posted by FistingPig
    FF top in Tampa looking for bottoms to invade stretch play in make you squeel and shoot buckets into my waiting mouth. Med size hands for easy entry even on the tightest and great with newbies.
  • October 12
    Posted by jeFF
    Hi Guys -   Experienced versatile player here - who has fallen away from the fold.  :-( Interested in perhaps getting back into the saddle/sling/arena...albeit slowly and gently.   Anyone in the Tampa Bay area here other than myself?   I'd be interested in hooking up with ...

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